What's in a name? Well, for a town willing to call itself "Dish," maybe some electronics equipment and a few HBO stations.

EchoStar Communications Corp., which operates the Dish satellite television network, has made an offer open to localities across the country:  Change the official name of your town to Dish, and your residents will get 10 years of free satellite TV service, including a receiver, free installation, and a programming package. The deal would be worth about $4 million to a town of 1,000 households

All a town has to do is change its official name, irrevocably and permanently, on all government buildings, schools, hospitals, official letterhead and all other signage that bears the city's name. The town has to incur those costs itself, but---hey!---free TV!

If you need me, I'll be hanging out in Costco, VA.  You know, right down the road from Netflixville?  If you hit iPodtown, you've gone too far.

Business Week: Rename your town, get free satellite TV