Robber_2If you just can't wait for the next episode of your favorite TV show, the Louisville, Ky., Metro Police Department may be able to help you out.

They've launched a site, called the Armed Suspect Apprehension Program, or ASAP, where they'll post surveillance videos and still photos from unsolved crimes. You can actually watch video of the crime as it happened!

The city is facing a record number of robberies this year, and the police hope Louisville residents will use this site to help apprehend thieves. They say it's the first site of its kind in the country.

The police also caution against likening the site to entertainment [uh, see above]. "This is not television," says the head of the robbery police squad. "This is the real deal. This is somebody in this community going in and robbing a business."

True, but that still doesn't mean it's not cool...