Photo courtesy of Jorge R. Perez/City of Miami

Updated November 3, 2009: This post has been corrected to show that the above image is an actual current photo and not a photo illustration. 13th Floor regrets the error.

When you think of Miami, do you think of sprawl and never-ending condo construction? That could halt in the future.

This photo is what Miami currently looks like, but an idealized vision of a pedestrian-friendly environment that may be possible if a new zoning code, Miami 21, is passed. The code aims to implement New Urbanist principles by encouraging pedestrian activity and discouraging dependence on cars.

In the November issue of Governing, Alan Greenblatt explores how Miami 21 could change the city -- for better or worse. The city commission originally voted against implementing the code, but days later reversed itself and approved the code. The code needs to be confirmed in a second reading, scheduled for this Thursday.

Alan's Observer article on Miami 21 will be posted on on November 1.

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