Colorado voters approved a medical-marijuana law in 2000. But since then, THC-users have had to make do getting their drugs from medical dispensaries. The facilities were efficient, but there was nowhere to hang out once they'd gotten the marijuana, no place to chill.

A new eating establishment in Denver is filling that (ahem) pot hole.

From local news station KDVR:

A new restaurant on Broadway in downtown Denver claims it is the first of its kind... anywhere. Ganja Gourmet serves food items laced with marijuana. And not just brownies. This place has all kinds of different dishes made with pot sprinkled in. [...]

Ganja Gourmet claims to be the first of its kind, serving up more than just brownies. Dishes include lasagna, gourmet pizza, jambalaya, paella, even chocolate mousse and cheesecakes.

And it's legal.

Would-be patrons must show their medical-marijuana cards to get in.

From a business standpoint, it's kind of brilliant. Patrons come in, eat your food, get high, get the munchies, order more food, get high...