That dark fizzy drink -- what do you call it? Soda? Pop? Cola? Coke?

It all depends on where you're from.  Check out this great map (via Strange Maps, which I've written about before). It charts the -- surprisingly strong -- regional differences when it comes to what exactly you call a soft drink.


As someone from the south (Tennessee), I can definitely attest that we called everything "a Coke."  Seriously.  Here's a typical exchange at a restaurant -- an exchange I must have had hundreds of times growing up:

Customer:  "What kinds of Coke do y'all have?"

Server: "Coke, Diet-Coke, 7Up, Sprite..."

Customer:  "I'll have a Coke."

Server: "Okay.  It's Pepsi.  Is that all right?"

Customer:  "Yeah, sure."