A late-night party that turned a vacant Washington home into a busy strip club was at the center of a Supreme Court argument Wednesday, prompting the justices to discuss strippers, marijuana and a party host named "Peaches.

At one point, Justice Stephen Breyer created a fictional party host named Joe to probe issues in the case, which revolves around whether police had sufficient reason to arrest the partygoers for trespassing.

"I am told ... younger people frequently say, hey, there's a party at Joe's house. And before you know it, 50 people go to Joe's house. And they all, they don't really ask themselves does Joe own the house or rent it or something," Breyer said.

The case the justices were hearing involves arrests police made back in 2008 when responding to calls from neighbors complaining about illegal activity at the vacant house. Police arrived to find the home had been turned into something resembling a strip club.

Music was playing. People were drinking. And scantily clad women were performing lap dances wearing cash-stuffed garter belts. Photos from the case show at least three women, one in a pink crocheted top and short skirt.