If it seems like there's something odd about this WrestleMania billboard in Orlando, that's because there is:  The guys don't have nipples.

Yep, in a response to the city's request to make the ad less provocative, the nipples got airbrushed out of the photo. According to Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, city regulations forbid nipples from being displayed on billboards -- regardless of their owner's gender:

"Apparently there's an ordinance that prohibits them from being displayed," he said. [...]

He shrugged, saying, "It does seem a little overboard."

But here's the kicker -- there's no such ordinance at all. In fact, the same ad was running on Orlando city buses, nipples and all.

So it sounds like a case of miscommunication. But at least some Orlando residents were spared the horror of male nipples.