Smoking_prostitute You gotta love Nevada.

Residents of the state will vote tomorrow on whether to ban smoking in public areas in the state. They have a couple options on the ballot, including one tough version that would pretty much outlaw smoking in any public space.

But another version facing Nevada voters comes with some exemptions. Specifically, it would allow smoking in casinos, strip clubs -- and brothels.

[Insert joke here about how that pretty much covers every building in the state.]

Personally, I've never understood the logic of exemptions to smoking bans. Like, we as a state recognize the health dangers of public smoking. But we also recognize that people in casinos (or bowling alleys or bingo halls or racetracks or wherever else a state might exempt) really, really want to smoke REAL BAD. So we'll go ahead and let them.

Plus, I always thought part of the argument for legalizing prostitution was so that a state could better ensure health regulations for the industry. Seems like specifically allowing smoking in prostitutes' workplaces would go against that idea.