Washington, DC, is settling back to normal after the unprecedented crowd that descended on the city over the weekend for the inauguration. Many of the people in that crowd were state governors.

But there was at least one governor whose visit to DC didn't break the bank back home, according to the Dayton Daily News :

While many Ohio lawmakers and Democratic luminaries spent Monday night crashed out at the swank Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland relied on more modest accommodations.

He slept in Ohio's Washington, D.C. office, not far from Union Station. After driving in with security detail, his chief of staff and a friend, Strickland and company bunked up for the night in an office outfitted with a couch, a couple of desks and a coffee table.

He said the group did it because Ohio's budget is "really tight" and getting a hotel room would've been costly. "So we had our own slumber party, so to speak," he said.

According to the report, Strickland "washed his hair for the swearing-in in a sink down the hall."