For those outside the loop of the National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators (NAGDCA) and the employee benefits research institute (EBRI), it's worth noting that October 16 is the beginning of National "Save for Retirement" Week. Public employers nationwide are reaching out to their employees with information on workplace saving.

With pension plans under siege, retiree medical benefits mostly unfunded, stock markets wobbling, employees worried about their future finances and public employers shifting costs to workers as their benefits costs skyrocket, the value of workplace saving has grown even more important. You can find numerous useful tools on the NAGDCA site. They are easy to distribute electronically in most cases.

Pass along this article to your professional benefits administrator. A few hours of staff work and preparation could make a big difference. Several of the large national deferred compensation firms provide on-site trainers for their clients if you just ask. It costs taxpayers nothing to sponsor these sessions, so what are you waiting for?