Now that Google has officially become a verb, it's only a matter of time before we bestow similar recognition on the phrase "Googling yourself."

Probably every one of us has looked up our own name on the Internet from time to time. But I bet you've never discovered a street that was supposed to be named after you.

But former Rhode Island Gov. Bruce Sundlun did.

Sundlin Sundlun [oops] was just fooling around online, searching for instances of his name, when he "stumbled on" a small street that was supposed to have been named after him. Apparently, it was, but no signage was ever installed to that effect. Sundlin Sundlun [again, oops] asked the state DOT to look into it; they did, and now there are two signs designating "Bruce Sundlin Sundlun Road."

Peace is restored for now, until the ex-governor unearths a phony Sundlin Sundlun MySpace profile.