Seattlepoliceshield Judging by the success of the Seattle Police Department's unconventional campaign to recruit officers from New York City, the cops in New York are itchin' to leave.

In fact, the Seattle PD was so overwhelmed by applications from NYC cops that it had to quit accepting them. One officer in New York even says he's going to wait outside the testing facility in case someone else doesn't show up.

And all Seattle had to do was throw up a billboard, pass out some fliers, and take out an ad in the New York Post. The whole campaign was really simple -- just an image of a Seattle PD badge, the phrase "A Job Like No Other," and an Internet address.

Oh, and it probably doesn't hurt that Seattle police make about twice what NYC officers earn. In a city that costs half as much to live in. And Seattle will pay $5,000 toward the cost of moving.

Hey, wait, can I become a Seattle cop?