Mcgreevey_2 Speaking of gubernatorial portraits, New Jersey finally got around to hanging a portrait of former Gov. James McGreevey, who in 2004 resigned in disgrace after admitting to a hiring scandal. (Oh yeah, he's also gay.)

The painting was all set to go last summer, but McGreevey had to postpone its unveiling because he was too busy with his book tour.

The portrait was finally unveiled today in a small, private ceremony at the state Capitol, the first time McGreevey has returned to the Statehouse since he left office more than two years ago.

The delay in hanging the painting also delayed the hanging of the official portrait of McGreevey's successor (and a Governing Public Official of the Year for 2006), Richard Codey. Looks like that portrait may be hung later this month.

(Btw, that's not the portrait over there.  It's just a photo of McGreevey.  But if the artist is any good, well, you know, it'll look similar.)