Mcgreevey You would think there's nothing left to reveal in the long-running break-up of Jim "Gay American" McGreevey and his wife, Dina Matos McGreevey -- certainly nothing this juicy.

But a former aide to the former New Jersey governor has come forward in an interview with the Newark Star-Ledger , in which he claims he had multiple sexual trysts with the couple. The charge challenges Matos McGreevey's assertion that she had no idea her husband was gay until he announced it to the public.

The aide, Theodore Pedersen, said he and the couple even had a nickname for the weekly romps, from 1999 to 2001, that typically began with dinner at T.G.I. Friday's and ended with a threesome at McGreevey's condo in Woodbridge.

They called them "Friday Night Specials," according to Pedersen.

Pedersen says he was offended by the innocent way in which Matos McGreevey has portrayed herself, both in her memoir, "Silent Partner: A Memoir of My Marriage," and during last week's revelations about New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's infidelities.

Interestingly, Pedersen says he was never sure whether Jim McGreevey was gay:

Pedersen did not say if he was gay or bisexual and only described having contact with Matos McGreevey during the trysts. He also said he never knew for sure if McGreevey was gay.

"I had heard the rumors in circles outside of work," he said. "In hindsight, there might have been light interest (in me), but it didn't seem like he was gay. It did enhance their sexual relationship having me be a part of it."

Which, if that's true...wouldn't that bolster Dina Matos McGreevey's claim that she didn't know either?  I'm confused...

Image: Newark Star-Ledger