Cherryberry Okay, this is easily the single greatest song ever written about a state commissioner of labor.

Yep, the smiling face of North Carolina Labor Commissioner Cherie K. Berry has inspired a song. A really funny song.  Actually, just a great song altogether.

Berry's agency is responsible for elevator certificates of operation in North Carolina, and her photo graces each and every elevator in the state. Now, a band called Tha Commissioners has immortalized Cherie Berry in the song "Cherry Berry."

The song opens with:

See the girl in the elevator,

It's Cherry Berry, oh Cherry Berry.

She'll pick you up now, and she puts you down later,

Cherry Berry, oh Cherry Berry.

Raleigh musician Dan Bryk wrote and recorded "Cherry Berry" under the guise of Tha Commissioners. It's getting some play on the student-run WKNC-FM at NC State. Cherie Berry says she loves it, and she even works out to the song at the gym.

I think my favorite verse is:

Every day, I wake up and see your face,

Cherry Berry, oh Cherry Berry.

Then you're the last thing I see in the workplace,

Cherry Berry, oh Cherry Berry.

But you really should listen to the song for yourself.