What do a former Pennsylvania lieutenant governor, a former county executive, a former city councilman and a former Steelers player have in common?  (Other than being defined by what they used to do.)

They -- and many others -- have all signed up to sell slot machines to the state of Pennsylvania. Under the 2004 law that allows casinos at 14 sites in the states, slot machine manufacturers aren't allowed to sell the machines directly to the state. The law demands an in-state supplier, and there's no shortage of people asking to fill that position.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette :

Proponents of the distributorships say the requirement will help create jobs in Pennsylvania, because the suppliers also will be responsible for maintaining the machines. Critics have said the distributorships are superfluous, a creation primarily devised to provide an investment outlet for buddies in the political and business communities.

Sounds like the only jobs being created here are pretty unnecessary. And it seems like this set-up will only make the machines more expensive for the state, because the distributors are, of course, going to take a cut of the sales. 

The state says 13 applications were submitted by the deadline this week.