Hrbacek Are you a public official who's concerned that your not-so-svelte figure might be an obstacle to your campaign for a higher office? Don't want to waste your time with Mike Huckabee's boring ol' diet-and-exercise plan?

Then you need the Dean Hrbacek Miracle Weight-Loss Plan!

Hrbacek, a former mayor of Sugar Land, TX, is running for Congress. But judging by a flyer sent out by Hrbacek's campaign, you'd think he was running a marathon.

See, here's the deal. Hrbacek's not fat, but he's not the thinnest guy around, either.

Last week, though, his campaign sent out a flyer with a photo of a very trim Hrbacek -- or, as it turned out, Hrbacek's head Photoshopped onto someone else's very trim body.

This week, Hrbacek admitted the photo was a fake, although he wouldn't address why his camp had doctored the image. (A campaign aide had previously said the image was faked because Hrbacek didn't have time for a photo shoot.)

Photoshopping yourself in campaign literature just seems like a bad idea all around. The benefits are questionable, and you're just opening yourself up to a chorus of "if we can't trust him on this, how can we trust him in office?".