News flash: Government Web sites can be boring. Even the ones that are attractive and user-friendly (and there are plenty that aren't) can be streamlined and overly...antiseptic.

If you're looking for an antidote to the typical bland government site, look no further than Ray the D.A.

Ray Larson is the district attorney for Fayette County, Kentucky (the metro government that includes the city of Lexington). His official site is far from the ordinary government homepage. 

Raylarson Filled with animated GIFs -- like a blinking, all-seeing eye and animated flames leaping off the word "outrage" -- and rants on issues such as crime and "illegal aliens," Larson's site feels more like an opinionated blog than a government site.

Plus, he wears a nifty hat. How could you not want to check that out?

Via Unusual Kentucky .