Just got out of the panel I co-moderated on Attracting and Keeping Young Leaders in Government. It was great -- one of those terrific sessions where members of the audience and the panel interacted in a true back-and-forth conversation.

Clearly, this is a big topic, and it's one we could have discussed all morning (or longer).

But one of the panelists, Carole Post, director of Agency Services in the office of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, boiled it down in a way that I thought was terrific.

Post said she focuses on "the three A's" in working with young employees: autonomy, access and accountability.

In other words, treat them with respect and give them the autonomy and authority they want. Put them in the room with major leaders and make them a part of large policy discussions. And no kid gloves: Don't give these employees a pass just because they're new, or just because they're young.

Governments are going to need to evolve a lot in order to capture and keep the best of Gen Y. But Post's three A's -- along with Toby Futrell's three F's from yesterday! -- are a great place to start.