Dontdrop Remember that board game that Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' son made? The one set in prison with not-too-subtle jokes about inmate rape?

Well, Kansas state Sen. Tim Huelskamp isn't laughing. He says he's offended by the game, and he's calling for the state's big guns to investigate:

He has requested the attorney general's office to investigate. He has also requested an opinion from the Kansas Ethics Commission, and a report from the Kansas Department of Corrections on the extent of prison rape in its facilities.

Huelskamp also says he's "concerned" that the game is possibly being stored at the governor's mansion. (THE HORROR!)

This definitely seems like something that the taxpayers of Kansas should spend a lot of money investigating.

Let's just hope the governor's mansion isn't also being used to store board games that make light of being sent to jail, glamorize the dangers of playground eqiupment, or encourage unhealthy eating habits among children.