Padriverslicense Are you an illegal immigrant? Do you live in a state with a complicated drivers license process, making it harder for you to get a license?

Then make a run for the border! No, not that border. Just the nearest state line:

Stymied by New Jersey's tough motor vehicle laws, [illegal immigrants] have traveled to states with more lax regulations to obtain the paperwork they need to get behind the wheel.

It's a tactic thousands have used, making the streets of many of New Jersey's immigrant neighborhoods look like a South Jersey Turnpike rest stop. Besides Pennsylvania, license plates from Maryland, North Carolina and Michigan abound.

No matter your opinion on illegal immigration, this does seem to be a thorny problem. And even though the REAL ID law is extremely controversial and kind of impossible to implement, issues like this do make you wonder whether we ought to have a standard process for obtaining a license.