Horse Uh, not to beat a dead horse here, but there's an interesting bit of news from the world of horsemeat regulation:

Animal-rights activists campaigning to end horse slaughter in America have run up against an unexpected friend of the horse-meat industry: the nation's zoos.

...America's zoos...have long fed horse meat to carnivorous animals. While several zoos have dropped horse meat in favor of beef in recent years, zoos continue to be the largest consumers of horse meat in the United States.

Zoos, it turns out, wish they could buy horsemeat from U.S. slaughterhouses instead of importing overseas.  It adds an interesting wrinkle to the debate over whether horsemeat production should be legal in the U.S.

(As loyal 13th Floor readers know, it's technically legal, but the nation's last three horse slaughterhouses -- two in Texas and one in Illinois -- have shut down in the past year.)

Regardless of your position on horsemeat, surely we can all agree that this is the most disgusting cake imaginable.