posted by Zach Patton

Old_computer_1 The Ohio General Assembly has taken a bold step into the late-20th century, and has now begun listing lawmakers' votes on the Internet.

Gregory Korte, a  First Amendment reporter ( what, exactly?) for the Cincinnati Enquirer, writes on his Footnotes blog that:

The impetus for dragging the state legislature into the Internet age came from state Rep. Jennifer Garrison...who introduced two bills to put lawmakers' votes on the Internet during the last General Assembly...

Garrison got the idea when she was unable to find any information on the record of her opponent, former Gov. Nancy Hollister, in the 2004 election.

First of all, how great is it that this legislation bascially comes from one legislator's inability to dig up dirt on another?

But seriously, Ohio has to be the last state to do this, right?  Any other state legislatures out there that don't post lawmakers' votes online?