Where's your best bet for retaining the value of your home? Biz Times

Newsbutton_48SF might get a tourist zeppelin in 2008. CNET

Newsbutton_48Paris Hilton case sheds light on CA prison overcrowding. LA Times

Newsbutton_48 Copper theft now a felony in Hawaii. Pac Biz News

Newsbutton_48KY GOP chief (maybe) plays the gay card against 2 state pols. C-J

Newsbutton_48WA woman registers her dog to vote; prosecutors growl. Seattle Times

Newsbutton_48Vegas tourism wants to trademark the phrase "Your Vegas is showing." LVRJ

Newsbutton_48CA cracks down on illegal street racing. LA Times

Newsbutton_48Scientists reconstruct images from 9/11 to study WTC structural damage. CNET

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