OR Senate approves bikes without brakes. Oregonian

Newsbutton_48Filling potholes is for chumps: Mayors need some bling! KC Star

Newsbutton_48Does TN's fiscal future include a porn tax? AP

Newsbutton_48Cities hot for hydrogen. CNET News

Newsbutton_48Big Brother in the cafeteria? Thumbprint scans for school lunch.  Boston Globe

Newsbutton_48How Mayor Bloomberg became NYC's most powerful foodie. NYT

Newsbutton_48States revisiting organ-donation law. WaPo

Newsbutton_48Backlash in AZ against local subsidies for retailers. WSJ (subs req'd)

Newsbutton_48No U.S. charges against former MA Senate president. Boston Globe

Newsbutton_48Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman reelected; disappointed he only got 84% of the vote. Review-Journal

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