Newsbutton_48More states offer preschool. AP

Newsbutton_48Are libraries necessary? WSJ (free link)

Newsbutton_48Cool tag cloud for OH State of the State. Cincy Enquirer's Footnotes blog

Newsbutton_48Is a "wind hole" the key to clean energy policy? Stateline

Newsbutton_48Wait, Los Angeles doesn't plan for traffic?? LA Daily News

Newsbutton_48Gloves off in Albany! "Screaming match" in gov's office. Times Union

Newsbutton_48Glowing buses and subway movies: MARTA pushes the ad envelope. AJC

Newsbutton_48...but MARTA board chairman arrested for public indecency. AJC

Newsbutton_48Detroit foundations committed to committing; unsure what they're committing to. Free Press

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