Newsbutton_48Chicago aldermen want to avoid a JetBlue fiaso at O'Hare. Sun-Times

Newsbutton_48Holy #$*%! Anti-porn czar tackles obscenity. SL Tribune

Newsbutton_48Estonia to vote for president on the Internet. Detroit Free Press

Newsbutton_48FL plan to eliminate property taxes, boost sales tax. Sun Sentinel

Newsbutton_48CA town Y's electric cars. WSJ (free link)

Newsbutton_48NJ town sets time limit on dog barking. AP

Newsbutton_48Bentonville, AR, to launch Chinese-language Web site. AP

Newsbutton_48When traffic jams are good for SoCal officials. LA Times

Newsbutton_48Move over Al Gore! Mitt Romney's a helluva PowerPointer. Washington Whispers

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