Paclean_1 Pennsylvania lawmakers gave themselves a pay raise last month cloak and dagger style. They crafted the package without debate or public scrutiny and left town, leaving voters FURIOUS. Since approving the pay raises, public outrage has shown no signs of letting up. Two Web sites have cropped up, a radio talk-show host is circulating petitions to repeal the pay raises and newpapers have crowned the incident the "Great Harrisburg Caper of 2005," according to the Associated Press . One angry voter called it "greed gone wild."

So what's the big deal? Apparently, lawmakers gave themselves a 16 to 34 percent raise--reaching $81,050, more than in any state except California. With the exception of only nine lawmakers--who have declared a change of heart--150 are hoping the furor will dry up and blow away long before any of them are up for re-election. I'll be watching election day, won't you?

How lawmakers voted on the pay raise, click here.

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