From Governing's Managing Technology Conference in Seattle:

After an extremely interesting pre-conference session on city 311 systems, Governing's Managing Technology conference officially kicked off this evening with an address from Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire.

We couldn't have had anyone more appropriate to get the conference under way. Aside from being the governor of our host state, of course, Gov. Gregoire has made great strides in harnessing the power of technology -- and, much more importantly, information -- to effect some real, tangible changes in Washington State. Through her implementation of GMAP -- the Government Management Accountability and Performance project -- the state is measuring the results of its efforts and holding agencies accountable for meeting and improving those results.

The key, Gregoire said, is the "why" -- finding out if a state program isn't working, but then drilling down to why it's not working and how it can be improved.

"It's relatively easy to show what's happening," she told conference attendees. "It's a lot harder to say why. Technology, to me, is just a tool for getting to the why."

Sounds good to me!

The full text of Gov. Gregoire's prepared comments is below or download gregoire_text.pdf