Bracket In a lot of offices, betting on the March Madness brackets is an entrenched celebration of Spring. It's as much a part of office life as Super Bowl bets, Oscar pools, and betting on election-night outcomes.

But betting on organized sports events is illegal in just about every place in the U.S. outside Nevada and Atlantic City.

One California legislator, though, wants to offer you peace of mind. He's introduced a bill that would ease the punishment for water-cooler betting:

Passage of the measure would remove the possibility of jail time for organizing or participating in nonprofit, all-in-fun office pools.

"Folks making a friendly wager with friends or co-workers should not have to worry about committing a crime," said Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries, who proposed the measure.

The Lake Elsinore Republican said his goal is to make the punishment fit the offense - not to legalize office betting.