Foiegras_1 For Chicagoans, the days of dining on fatty duck and goose livers are drawing to a close. The city council ban on selling foie gras in restaurants takes effect today.

But ironically, it's actually easier today than ever before to find the delicacy in Windy City cafes -- in protest of the ban, several restaurants that never serve foie gras are selling it today:

Today, for one day only, diners will be able to order foie gras and beef tournedos Vesuvio style at Harry Caray's, soul-food-style foie gras at BJ's Market and Bakery and deep-dish foie-gras pizza at Connie's Pizza...

Also today, the Illinois Restaurant Association filed a suit against the city, saying the council overstepped its authority with the ban.

Anyway, Chicagoans, run out and get that deep-dish foie gras while you can. Yummy!

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