posted by Zach Patton

Thirteenth_floor_1 We here on the 13th Floor embrace the fact that our offices are located thirteen stories above the ground. We love it!  Bring it on, fate! That's what we say!

But it seems that some of the folks in Sen. John McCain's presidential camp are suffering from a little triskaidekaphobia.

According to the new DC Hill pub The Politico, McCain's presidential HQ will be located in a high-rise in Arlington, VA, on the floor between the 12th and the 14th.

But don't call it the 13th floor!:

The nerve center of McCain's 2008 campaign, the "Straight Talk Express," will be located on floor "M." The exact meaning of the "M" remains unclear. McCain? McFly? Macho Man? Whatever, but it's certainly a step up from the floor's original designation, an unlucky 13.

Come on, McCain, you were a POW -- don't be afraid of a little 13.