Crist The Orlando Sentinel did a Q&A with Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, and -- seriously -- it's got all the answers to questions you didn't even know you wanted to ask. Oh, there's some talk about political rivals and some mumbo jumbo about Crist's legacy (he's six months into his first term!).

But I think the most interesting stuff is about Crist's daily routine. Por ejemplo:

250: The number of sit-ups Crist says he's doing every day

20: The number of pool laps he swims every morning at 5:30

1: The number of meals Crist eats each day

"A lot": The amount of Red Bull he says he drinks

And if for some reason you think Crist's policy initiatives are more interesting than his workout, check out Alan Greenblatt's piece on the governor in the current issue of Governing.