It's really a shame that David Letterman and his sex-extortion scandal are all anybody can talk about in late-night TV right now, because there's some hilarious action going on over on Conan O'Brien's show.

Conan's feud with Newark Mayor Cory Booker rages on!

Seriously, it's pretty funny.

If you haven't been following along, here's the "feud" in a nutshell: Conan made a joke about Newark, Booker banned him from the Newark airport. Conan retaliated by banning Booker from the Burbank, California, airport. Booker responded by telling Conan that New Jersey's 566 municipalities "roll hard[,] roll strong [and] roll together," and that Conan was now banned from the entire state of New Jersey. But not so fast! Now another New Jersey mayor, Elizabeth's Chris Bollwage, has told Conan he's more than welcome in his city.

You can watch Conan's latest volley below. The whole thing is really great, in my opinion.

So you can keep your Letterman staff sexcapades. I'll take Booker/Bollwage/O'Brien.