President Obama's critics have accused him of being a Socialist, a Communist, a Fascist and, yes, a terrorist.

But in a recent Twitter post, Republican Colorado state Sen. David Schultheis has gone just a liiiiittle further:

Schultheis tweet


Schultheis, for his part, wants you to know that you totally misunderstood him and he never intended to invoke United 93. From the Denver Post :

He said he was angry about the president's fiscal policies but didn't mean to compare him to the hijackers. The senator's reputation for strong speech gave readers the wrong idea, he said.

" 'Let's roll.' It's a comment people use all the time any more. 'Let's get going. Let's move on. Let's make major changes,' " Schultheis said. "I can see it now. But you're busy doing jillions of things during the day. You sometimes don't analyze every single word."

See?  He just meant that Obama has hijacked the metaphorical fiscal plane. And that's what he's running into the ground.

And since we're all passengers on this "plane," we should...storm the cockpit and...force the plane to...wait, I'm lost.