Texascap My apartment isn't very far from the 13th Floor. I love it. It's close enough for me to walk to work, and if there's something I forgot that I need for the day, it's no big deal to run home at lunch or something.

Would I actually want to live at my office? I don't think so.

But that's an option for the Texas Speaker of the House (currently Rep. Tom Craddick). The Texas Speaker is given an apartment in the statehouse -- the nation's only residence in a state capitol building.

Craddick is currently under fire for soliciting lobbyists and business owners to donate funds to improve the taxpayer-funded abode. Critics say it's unethical -- or at least unseemly -- for people who might benefit from future legislation to be donating money to fix up the Speaker's apartment.

Maybe it is unethical; maybe not. But the idea of a legislative residence is interesting. I guess it'd be pretty great, except that it'd be hard to blame rush hour traffic for missing a vote.