Tngov_2 Good politicians don't always make good neighbors.

Just ask the residents of the tony Oak Hill neighborhood in Nashville, the location of the Tennessee governor's mansion.

Gov. Phil Bredesen is causing quite a stir with some rather large-scale construction plans for the property.

Neighbors of the governor's mansion are outraged because first lady Andrea Conte is getting ready to chop down stately oak trees and dig a gigantic hole in her front yard to build an underground entertainment center for state government parties and receptions. They're mocking it as "Bredesen's Bunker" and plotting ways to stop the project, but the first lady so far is refusing to back down.

The governor and first lady -- who have never actually lived at the Executive Residence -- plan to spend $4 million on the project. Conte says it'll actually be a benefit for the nabe, because the permanent entertainment hall will replace the temporary outdoor tents that currently are erected for frequent events hosted at the property.

But the neighbors aren't buying it. They're objecting loudly to the months (years?) of noise, dust and disruption the project will entail. And they predict that the new space will allow more events to be held at the manse -- meaning more traffic in the 'hood.

It's almost enough to make Wisteria Lane look like Sesame Street.