Just yesterday, we on the 13th floor were talking about how public employees should watch what they write in a blog. It could cost you your job.

Today's questionable-blogging-leads-to-losing-a-job story comes from Kentucky. Earlier this summer, after a hiring scandal you may have heard something about, Gov. Ernie Fletcher created a new office to monitor political bias in state hiring.

But it turns out the guy picked to head the new office, C. Dodd Harris IV, used to write a politically-charged blog, in which he admits he attacked Democrats more than Republicans. Now, the state is scrapping the hiring-watchdog office and moving that function into another division. Harris won't be out on the street, but he won't be in charge of screening state hiring for bias, either.

The official state line is that Harris' blog and his job change aren't related. But to read the Louisville Courier-Journal on the subject, that doesn't sound like the case.