Moving Hey, congratulations on your move to a new city! Hope you enjoy the new digs.

Oh, didn't you realize you'd changed locales? Well, according to the National League of Cities, you may have.

See, the NLC just released a new report that redefines the way it categorizes cities. The old school -- urban, suburban, rural -- is out.

The new classifications are based more on the character of the town. The new labels include Boomtowns, Centervilles, Meltingpot Cities and Spread Cities. Because they focus more on the actual makeup of a city's population than just the numbers themselves, the NLC hopes the new classifications are much more specific and appropriate.

It's a decent idea, but it seems like it could really take a while to catch on. How long will it take for the residents of Huntington Beach, Calif., to realize they live in a "Gold Coast" city? Do Norfolk, Va., officials know they run a "Metro Center"?