Out of the chaos and pain of Charlottesville, a new book Controversial Monuments and Memorials takes on the challenges that communities across America must face as white supremacy, political quagmires and visions of reconciliation with the past collide.

The events of summer of 2017 that culminated in Charlottesville are outgrowths of ongoing dialogues and disputes about controversial history that encompass numerous historical situations and touch every part of US history. Strategies for working effectively with communities are explored, and the book delves into the ways that other countries have attempted to overcome their painful pasts. In addition, this book highlights essays and case studies from numerous museum professionals, scholars and civic leaders as they grapple with the past they interpret for their visitors.

The book is framed by questions that help community leaders make sense of the competing historical narratives and political machinations that drive the current controversy around monuments and memorials:

  • How and when do you remove an offensive monument? Hint: It’ll take more than a screwdriver…
  • How can we be intentional about contextualizing the history and the motivations for building monuments for our visitors?
  • How can communities be responsive without forsaking the historical record?

 “With a mix of philosophical and practical advice, the authors address today’s relevant issues about race, memory, and history. Even if your community has not yet faced this conflict, it will and you will want this book on your shelf.”

— Melanie A. Adams, senior director, Guest Experience and Educational Service Minnesota Historical Society

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About the Author

David B. Allison is the editor of Controversial Monuments and Memorials: A Guide for Community Leaders. He is the Onsite Programs Manager at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.