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About Us


Governing provides news, analysis and insights for the people making government work.

Published since 1987, Governing is a trusted source of record for people who lead, manage and direct public agencies as they work towards well-managed, vibrant and resilient communities.

Our Mission & Vision:

Today’s state and local leaders govern during a period of dramatic shifts in technology, demography, climate and the economy that are driving societal transformation. Governing tells their stories, extracting lessons and emerging practices in innovation and performance.

Our mission is to be a reliable and essential resource to help public leaders identify novel approaches to both entrenched and emerging challenges serving residents and running their organizations.

To achieve this mission, Governing has assembled a team of experienced journalists, policy experts, historians, scholars and former public officials. Together, they offer an intelligent take on innovation and performance in state and local government found nowhere else.

Governing covers the following topics:

  • Resilience: States and localities are having to adjust to a changing climate, establishing new policies, rules and guidelines relating to energy, land use and water rights, as well as responding to emergencies triggered by more intense storms, floods and wildfires. 
  • Finance: Managing public finance has become a demanding aspect of state and local government, especially as economic health fluctuates and outside forces create revenue instability. Articles on taxes, budgets, pensions and bonds help to bring insight to finance management at the state and local level. 
  • Infrastructure: It’s an ongoing, multitrillion-dollar challenge to build new and maintain existing infrastructure. This section will explore forward-looking approaches to funding, building and maintaining roads, highways, rail and broadband, as well as water and other utilities. 
  • Management and Administration: These articles are about the nuts and bolts of government administration, from IT governance, including security and privacy policies, to management best practices affecting procurement, workforce development and retention. 
  • Politics: Polarized politics has changed the dynamics of legislation and policymaking at the state and local level. Political parties with supermajorities are increasingly in control in many states and cities. These stories explain what that means for legislators, governors and mayors and how politicians can navigate this new political landscape. 
  • Transportation: Fiscal and ridership changes are impacting transportation policies at the state and local levels. These articles focus on innovative and successful transit planning, funding and upkeep for intercity and commuter rail, electric vehicles, mass transit and more. 
  • Housing and Urban Issues: Stresses on urban communities continue to affect housing, food security, child services, homelessness, business development and crime. Coverage includes stories about new solutions to how cities are run, how they develop as urban centers and about the people who live there. 
  • Workforce: State and local governments face a tight labor market and a competitive disadvantage with the private sector. But salaries aren’t the only issue, with cities, counties and states all grappling with training, retention, remote work and increased union activity. 
  • Policy: This coverage will look at how public leaders establish new policies in a range of crucial areas of government – health, education, public safety, for example – and how these policies impact people’s lives through better services, effective regulations and new programs. This will include stories examining how state and local government approaches policymaking around emerging areas, including artificial intelligence.  

Audience & Platform:

Governing’s readership consists of governors, mayors, county executives, city and county council members, state legislators, state and local agency executives and those holding key professional government positions.

Governing’s readers set the priorities, decide the strategies and budgets and manage the programs involving more than $3 trillion in annual spending by more than 15 million state and local government employees.

The Governing platform includes a robust mobile-first website, newsletters and custom content. Launched in 1987 by Congressional Quarterly, Governing was acquired in 2009 by e.Republic, the nation’s only media and research company focused exclusively on state and local government. e.Republic is also home to Government Technology, the Center for Digital Government, the Center for Digital Education and Industry Insider.


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