Government 360:

Amplifying Democracy Through Technology

Government 360 is a strategy for ongoing government modernization. It encompasses a modern, secure infrastructure and widespread automation and mobility in alignment with government policy. Government 360 provides always-on availability through multiple channels; and data-driven insights gathered via machine learning and predictive analytics. These digital touchpoints can create a circle of citizen engagement, constituent service, private business productivity and civic mission.


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Over the course of this year, we will be adding new content including videos, case studies from Oracle partners and webinars that will give you practical advice about how to create a complete, holistic circle of citizen engagement, constituent service, private business productivity and civic mission.


Government 360 Calendar

Webinar: Small City, Big Future: How the Cloud Can Set the Stage for Innovation. With the County of St. Croix and the Allegheny Intermediate Unit (K-12). Replay the Webinar.

Webinar: Learn How the Cloud Can Power HHS Innovation. 2 p.m. ET, Wednesday, May 23. With North Carolina Health and Human Services. Register.

Webinar: Cloud for Campus: Building a Practical Path to a Modern Enterprise Cloud. 2 p.m. ET, Wednesday, May 30. With the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. Register.

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Modern, Secure Infrastructure Rooted in the Cloud

Cloud allows agencies to eliminate costs out of their infrastructure and dedicate more to innovation. Resources can be freed up to focus on the mission, in an environment that is agile and responsive to the most demanding time-sensitive requirements of government.



Webinar: A Modern, Secure Infrastructure Rooted in the Cloud. Watch

Case Study: Las Vegas Turns to Cloud for Innovation. Download

Start Your Journey to the Cloud. Play

Demystifying Platform-as-a-Service



Automated and Mobile-Enabled Back Office

The modern back office is a springboard for enhanced connectivity and business automation, and can help ensure government employees have the right tools to serve constituents in any location.

Case Study: K-12 Districts Turn to the Cloud for Back-Office Modernization Download

An Automated and Mobile Enabled Back Office Watch

Oracle HCM Expert Celeste O’Dea on Back Office Modernization

Modernize Your Finance System in Four Months, Not 40.


Smarter Solutions for a Connected Government

By integrating evolving technologies like the Internet of Things and AI, government can become increasingly smarter and citizen-centric, fostering a vibrant and streamlined business climate.

Case Study: San Jose Becomes America's Most Innovative City.  Download

City of San Jose Serves Citizens Better with Oracle Cloud. Watch

Building Government for the 21st Century


Analytics, AI, Machine Learning & Future-Ready Technologies

Government 360 is not just about being smart today; it’s also about being predictive for tomorrow. The more data an agency produces, the more business intelligence it can gather, and the more predictive analytics can inform and improve government services.