Montana Governor Admits He Failed to Alert De Blasio About Former Staffer's Past

February 5, 2019 AT 7:05 AM

By Darrell Ehrlick

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock spoke for the first time publicly Friday night to Lee Newspapers about disgraced longtime former staff member Kevin O'Brien.

During the interview, Bullock admitted that he was "naive" to believe that O'Brien had learned his lesson after being fired from a high-level position with the Democratic Governors Association for sexual harassment. Bullock, the two-term Montana governor, was head of the DGA when the harassment surfaced.

Bullock also admitted that he was wrong by not alerting New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio about O'Brien's checkered past at the DGA, and said he had not done enough to stop O'Brien.

"By terminating him at the DGA, we took appropriate steps," Bullock said. "I felt sick at the realization I hadn't done enough. Look backward, I was wrong, but that didn't help."

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