By Emily Ngo

An executive order by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to keep homeless New Yorkers off the streets goes into effect Tuesday as extreme cold sets in and temperatures are expected to drop.

The Democratic governor in an NY1 interview Sunday called it a New Year's resolution for the state to keep people out of the frigid weather.

"Our state, which has a beautiful tradition of social progress and community should not leave anyone outside in freezing temperatures," Cuomo said. "That's called basic humanity."

The action requires authorities, including those in New York City, to move the homeless into shelters -- by force if necessary -- when temperatures hit 32 degrees, the freezing point.

The governor and Mayor Bill de Blasio have feuded over the handling of the city's increasingly visible homeless population. Cuomo said Sunday that his executive action doesn't target his fellow Democrat, de Blasio, but he said he believes it is "a fact that homelessness is on the rise in New York City."

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