Health & Human Services

Drugs? Pets? Couples? Unlike Most Homeless Shelters, This One Will Take You No Matter What

Las Vegas is taking a new, more tolerant approach to helping the homeless.

Undeterred by Medicaid Rulings, States and Trump Advance Work Requirements

Even though a federal judge put the policy's legality in doubt, the Trump administration approved Utah's work requirement waiver on Friday. Meanwhile, Indiana already started phasing them in, and isn't stopping.

Poorest Expected to Lose Food Stamps First Under New Rules

The public comment period for the Trump administration's proposal ends Tuesday. Researchers say "hunger will likely increase" if it takes effect.

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back for Physician-Assisted Suicide

New Jersey is the eighth state to approve "aid in dying" for terminally ill patients. But similar legislation was defeated in two other states.