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Management and Administration

Covering topics such as remote work, union relations and workforce development.

Several teachers have raised questions about the effectiveness of the strike. The longtime chair of the Portland Association of Teachers’ bargaining team resigned amid the fallout.
As schools across the nation eliminate their librarian positions, many are worried that, without them, students will experience a loss in a variety of skills, from basic literacy and research practices to career readiness.
An audit from earlier this year found that, across 46 states, state agencies failed to report an estimated 34,000 cases of missing foster kids, including children who ran away multiple times.
In recent years, the public perception of police culture has been defined by acts of violence against citizens. A group of chiefs and sheriffs are working to change the narrative by emphasizing a mission of service.
Dealing with undeserved hostility and threats may be the most unexpected new task for election officials, but the skills their jobs require have been expanding for years.
Since fall 2020, West Coast inflation has risen nearly 18 percent, while Portland Public Schools’ funding has risen just 12 percent. About 70 school districts and teachers unions across the state will negotiate contracts this fall.
There’s no sensible reason to keep doing it. States could opt out, but most do not. Congress should act, and there’s a 30-minute solution.
They make up the smallest percentage of workers in state and local government. Despite being sought after, efforts to hire and retain them aren’t increasing those numbers.
Election officials brace for surge in AI-generated misinformation, and lawmakers face complex challenges in containing it.
The state remains among the lowest in both workforce participation rate and median family income, as it has been for decades.
The Rapid 227 will allow riders to commute between the Otay Mesa border crossing and a variety of communities across the city. The express route will service every 15 minutes during commute hours and only has 10 stops.
The use of artificial intelligence is partly a response to an acute staffing crisis and the pressing need to address the mental health challenges that emergency responders face.
The deadly wildfires in August forced up the island’s unemployment by four percentage points to 8.4 percent in September. For the week ending Oct. 14, claims were up 217 percent from the same week a year prior.
Approximately 34 million Americans above the age of 16 have some kind of disability. By 2020, the participation rate of those with disabilities had increased to 20.4 percent, a 2.2 percent increase from 2014.
Too often, the data that states collect is inaccessible to those who need it to make decisions about education and careers. It’s encouraging that policymakers are moving toward cross-agency policies that ensure robust data access.
States and city governments are rethinking job requirements, replacing four-year degrees with proven skill applications to bring in new applicants.