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Climate Change

Gov. Charlie Baker has filed clean energy legislation that would remove the existing price cap on project proposals in hopes to attract greater investment into the state’s developing offshore wind industry.
The federal Bureau of Reclamation and several other water agencies across the west have developed a $38 million program that will help preserve Colorado River water levels. But many worry about long-term solutions.
The state has proposed new greenhouse gas rules that would reduce carbon emissions by 1.5 million metric tons by 2030, the equivalent of removing 300,000 cars from the road. The vote on the proposal could happen as soon as Nov. 18.
Methane emissions have an outsized impact on global warming. A public-private partnership uses data from flyovers and satellites to identify where the greenhouse gas can be found, including government landfills.
A new report from the federal government brings urgency to a veteran geologist’s longtime warnings about the crippling of the Colorado River.
NJ Transit and state and local officials unveiled an experimental bus stop in Cherry Hill that has high-intensity LED lighting and a two-port USB charging outlet that is solar-powered. The station cost $11,900.
The state has already spent $200 million over its emergency fund budget for the entire fiscal year that started in July. While some of the bill will be paid by state agencies, taxpayer dollars will also be used.
Democrats say the Transportation and Climate Initiative, a regional cap and trade plan to reduce vehicle emissions, will help fight climate change. But Republicans are calling the plan just another gas tax.
The country is long on problems but short on levers that might help lift it out of a quagmire of its own making.
A growing number of countries and companies have pledged to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 or earlier. But there’s a catch – they still plan to keep emitting greenhouse gases.