Va. Official Proposes Cap For Banking Of Unused Time Off

Virginia officials are considering a cap for the amount of paid time off that state employees can roll over from one year to the next.
by | October 18, 2011

The head of Virginia's Department of Human Resources Management is taking aim at employees' paid time off, Virginia Statehouse News reports, hoping that capping the amount of time state employees take off will save a hefty chunk of change.

According to the article, Virginia employees have earned more than $330 million in unused paid time off. Sara Wilson, director of the Department of Human Resources Management, recommended to a state House committee that the number of unused hours that employees can carry over to the next year be capped at 120 hours.

Currently, state employees can roll over more than 400 hours annually. Wilson also recommended consolidating several different types of time off that can be carried over -- sick, personal, vacation and community service -- into one bank.

"Use it or lose it. That is a significant change," Wilson said. The Virginia Governmental Employees Association, which represents about 20,000 state workers, told Virginia Statehouse News that it supports simplifying the system.

Any changes to employee leave wouldn't take effect for a year, Wilson said in the article.


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