Maryland Becomes 10th State with Online Voter Registration

A few hundred residents have already used the system to register to vote.
by | August 13, 2012

By Government Technology News Staff

Maryland became the 10th state to offer online voter registration last month when the State Board of Elections launched the system, reported The Baltimore Sun. Since then, a few hundred residents have used the system to register to vote.

"It makes it easier and more accessible to register to vote," said Raquel Guillory, a spokeswoman for Gov. Martin O'Malley. "More and more people are doing their business and their daily activities online --it's very easy, and it's very efficient."

Online registration requires a driver's license or state identification card. A copy of the applicant's signature is also pulled from Motor Vehicle Administration's driver's license database as part of the registration process.

Maryland isn’t the only state that is turning to the Internet to find additional ways for its residents to register to vote. In July, Washington state announced that it will provide the option for people to use Facebook to register to vote. The application -- developed by Microsoft and supported by the state --requires the user to allow it permission to use his or her name and date of birth, and the user must provide a driver’s license or state identification card number, just as in other voter registration processes.

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