Top Montana Ethics Leader Resigns Amid Allegations

Commissioner of Political Practices Dave Gallik resigned after every member of his staff accused him of making the state pay for time he was working on private matters, which he denies.
by | January 18, 2012

After accusations of conducting private business at the expense of the taxpayer's dollars, Montana's top elections and ethics enforcement official has resigned, reports the Great Falls Tribune.

Commissioner of Political Practices Dave Gallik resigned late Tuesday and denies the accusation that every member of his four-person staff made: that he charged the state for time he was working on matters for his private law practice, according to the Tribune.

"This is a political, Republican-based fight against me," Gallik told the Tribune. "Not necessarily against me, against anybody who wants to get the job done down there.

The Tribune first detailed the accusations against Gallik on Jan. 15. The Legislature's leaders told the paper they expect to investigate the allegations.

After Gallik's resignation, his four staff members issued a joint statement that the Tribune quoted:

"This has been a stressful and difficult situation for all those involved. The four of us remain optimistic that the integrity of this office can be restored. We are hopeful that all citizens and government employees will have learned a great lesson from this experience."

The staff said they raised the issue to both the Governor's and the Attorney General's offices, but both said the matter was out of their jurisdiction, reports the Tribune.


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